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Buckle up!

Mummy bought Pecan ah ma her very own Buddy Rider
(Oh wait, Daddy just told me that he paid for it. Oops)
And when it arrived, we got to try it out!
The logistics behind getting the foldable bikes, the Buddy Riders and two adorable dogs safely to the east side of the country was unbelievably challenging. 
My parents spent an hour in the morning pumping air into the bikes’ tyres (while me and ah ma chillax by the side). Ten minutes went to transporting the bikes down and another 20 figuring how to load everything into the car.
We were so behind schedule by the time we started!
After some unloading and assembling, we finally got buckled in!  
I was all comfortable and ready to jet off. 
Pecan was a tad bit uncertain and took a while getting used to it.
Pecan still a little hesitant.
After a quick pep talk from me, she was all excited to go!
And off we went~
I followed Mummy while Daddy took Pecan. 
The lovely breeze and the non-stop praises from passersby (“Did you see that dog?! “So cute!”) totally made my ride and day!
Looking at the grinning ah ma, I guess she is loving it too!!

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