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Chasing Waves…

We had a blast this weekend doing what we do best – chasing waves!!!
My awesome parents brought us to East Coast Park for lunch, some beach-time and cycling!
Pecan is a natural bikini ah ma! 
The moment my parents dropped our leashes, off she went, crashing into waves (barking at them as well) and running along the shoreline!
Of course, I cannot lose la and did exactly the same!
After having some ‘shiok’ run-free time, we got into a game of tag! 
First, I got to chase Pecan. 
Aiya~ no kick and I caught her easily!
Tag! You’re it!
Too bad for Pecan, she wasn’t quite my opponent and just couldn’t catch up!
*Smug look*
We eventually grew tired of the game and decided to just enjoy the waves and the beach!
It was the best thing ever.
Except for one tiny winy complaint – the water tasted disgusting!!
And ah ma was so mean when I tried to bitch about it.
We were really disappointed that we had to leave the awesome place.
But nonetheless, we both had a blast!
Chants: More beach outings! Beach outings FTW!

Mummy’s note: We found an awesome beach spot near Carpark F2! Besides being really quiet and clean, the stretch of beach was kinda ‘gated’ by two perpendicular breakwaters that are connected to the shore. Hence, we were more comfortable with dropping the leashes. Anyway Daddy was ready to chase after any runaways! Stupid fatty Sam did sprint off a little further then I would have liked (and he ignored all our calls). Thankfully, he decided to turn back. Still, it was really fun watching the two little pups chasing waves, each other and being shocked by the crashing waves!

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