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Hard at work..

We absolutely adore the occasional few days that Mummy allows us to tag along to her office. 
Each time we are there, we will certainly try to make ourselves useful.
I’m a regular there and almost everyone in the office squeals in delight when they see me.
How not to when I’m this cute.
Pecan’s still kinda new but with her lovely human-friendly nature, she very quickly collected a fan base! (Mine still bigger la)
Here’s what we do at work with Mummy!
Play hide-and-seek!
Thanks my mom-in-law for entertaining me.
I heart Jager.
Laze on people’s laps.
Occasionally thanking them with a stinky fart or two, depending on what I ate the night before.
The place where I’ve casted the most bombs had to be on Auntie JY’s desk. Hohoho
And hiding in cupboards.
As for Pecan, she still isn’t terribly comfortable with the office, hence, she pretty much just sits around either with Mummy or Auntie Lynne. 
And when we are tired, we retreat to our makeshift respite corner for a snooze.
Sigh~ who knew working was this tough.
PS: Ah-ma’s in a cone as she just would not stop scratching her ear. Hence, a small wound that has been there for like one long month still hasn’t healed. So, too bad for her, she needs to wear the cone of shame for two long weeks.

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