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Our Christmas eve dinner…

My parents are crowd-avoiders and heading out on a day like this is an absolute no-no. 
Since it was a special occasion and Mummy did get off work early, she decided to step into the kitchen and do some cooking. (Yes, she can cook. Not the best in the world, but not terrible enough to kill)
Hee, likewise, to reward us for being great kids for the year (Well, of course, it’s mainly me. Pecan only hopped on the wagon halfway), she actually prepared a special dog-friendly portion for us!
Mummy prepared the Oven baked chicken with carrots and potatoes. The dog-friendly version was made using skinless and boneless chicken breast with a reduced amount of olive oil. In addition, Mummy sprinkled some parsley on ours for some breath-benefit (*glances at Pecan*). She also cooked it for a shorter time since the portion was smaller and she didn’t want the breast meat to be too dry. 
We were waiting patiently for our dinner.
However, ah-ma was so excited about dinner that Daddy had to hold Pecan every single time Mummy opened the oven to prevent the her from scalding herself. She would barge into the kitchen and follow Mummy around like a shadow. 
For me, I was wise enough to laze on the couch and wait to be served.
After a good hour and a half, our dinner was served (on a kiddo size casserole too)!
The adults had a bottle of Moscato and some sauteed mushrooms too. 
We seriously couldn’t be bothered with the fancy shit as all we wanted was our food!
Can we start?!
Mummy was a darling as she even made an effort to separate the portions evenly and even shed the chicken up. 
Plus, we were so excited that we did a little circle dance that got Mummy laughing. Guess that earned us our dinner!
Sorry, no ‘eating-in-progress’ photos as everything was gone in seconds.
And OMG, It was sooooo goood that I resorted to licking Pecan’s already licked-clean bowl to try to pick up any leftovers. (Of course there were none. Dang~)
Thank you Mummy!!

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