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Made With Love – Dehydrated chicken treats!

While most days I sigh at the loss of my only child status, there are times when I’m really glad that Pecan’s in our family. 
And today is one of them!!!
Cuz Mummy made us dehydrated chicken treats! 
(Mummy enjoys making things for us, just that a lot of it goes to waste in the past as she doesn’t quite want me to finish everything and become too fat. Boo. Now there’s Pecan to share the yummy food!)
Waiting to eat…
 Stupid Mummy tempting us…
As both of us are able to offer Mummy extremely firm sits on most days, she decided to up the ante and requested for ‘Paw’ instead. 
And of course, we got what we deserved! 
It was so delicious that we finished it immediately. 
More more more…

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