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Christmas pressies for the dogs!

Happy (belated) boxing day!
Hee, we were so busy over the festive season! It’s only now that we finally had time to sit down and open our pressies!
And we felt so loved indeed to be showered with all these lovely gifts!
A closer look at our loot!
Thank you Rusty’s mommy and (human) sisters (x4), especially Cousin Erin for spending her own pocket money to buy us even more treats! *Muackz*
Thank you Uncle Liang, Auntie Huien and Dot for the awesome water bottle!
(Hee, the funny part was Uncle Liang bought the bottle when I was still the only child and he was abit worried that it is too big. And interestingly, Mummy went ahead and adopted Pecan ah-ma. So  it totally worked out as the bottle will serve both of us just nice now! Lucky~)
And, thank you my mother-in-law Auntie Charmaine for her thoughtful gifts too!
Pecan looking foxy in pink!
Hee, her rogz collar actually matches mine, though mine is orange!
And I got a Chomper
Hee, trying to imitate my idol, Jäger! 
Hee, of course, Mummy and Daddy also bought us something!
And it reminds me of my birth country! 
Thank you for so much love!!!!!!!

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