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Mummy’s TOP THREE presents!

Yes, yes. Christmas is a time of giving. But let’s admit it, everyone is expecting to receive something in return. 
(I know I am. Hehehe)
As always, Mummy and Daddy spent a great deal of time and $$ Christmas gift shopping this year! 
And as the norm, there were some hits and many misses in the presents they got from others!
Hee, so, with Mummy’s permission, we decided to share her top 3 presents!
Here goes…
At third place is…
(image from Muji)
Actually, Mummy saw this a few months ago and really liked it. However, she couldn’t bring herself to buy it at the price it was selling. So she was super happy to receive it from Rusty’s Mummy! 
Pecan ah-ma and I decided to challenge each other to a game. 
Bring it on..
Sighhhhh…Dang it. 
Well, she won cos I let her start first k. 
Hmph. *sulks*

Oh well, at least we had a good game!
Moving on…
At second place is…
Yes, Mummy has one too many Crumpler bags. But of course, there is no such thing as too many crumplers to her. Besides, this is the second one she received as a present! (The first was on her 21st birthday!) More importantly, it’s her very first pink bag too!
Thank you to the Grossips Aunties. HAHAHAHA.
Stupid Mummy insisted that we pose for her. 
(Both of us were clearly NOT impressed.)

Anyway, I personally think it makes a better floor mat. 
Obviously, I got chased off pretty quickly. 
Oh well, at least it has been sam-tized. *Grinz at the numerous strands of white hair on it.*
And now for the grand prize..
The best Christmas present of 2013 is…

Come on, admit it. 
Nothing beats waking up to these super duper lovely, cute, adorable, happy, charming, cheeky, smiley, cheerful, captivating, lovable, sweet and darling (Shit, I ran out of adjectives) faces in the morning, right? So of course she should count her blessings!
Hee, well, Mummy actually does not take us for granted and agreed that we are the best things that ever happened to her!!!!!!
*Two wriggly butts!*

Oh, in case you are wondering why Daddy’s present is not on the list, it’s simple, there was NO present from Daddy. When Mummy asked him what he was getting her for X’mas, his reply was short and sweet. 
He simply pointed at us and smiled.
And guess what, Mummy nodded and smiled back too!

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