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Hand me downs…

I became part of the Loo Lim family when I was just 8 weeks old. 
Throughout my growing up days, Mummy would buy me pieces of clothing every now and then. Of course, I eventually overgrew them one after another. Mummy, being a semi-hoarder, was very reluctant to toss away any clothes I had and decided to keep them as keepsake (well, to remind her of the horrid ‘puppyhood’ I guess). 
Plus, she always thought her second dog would be bigger than me (She wanted a matured Border Collie or Mongrel. She swore off puppies after what she went through with me. *BEAMS*) and hence, there was close to zero chance that any other dogs in the Loo Lim household would fit into those clothes ever again. 
But miraculously, we welcomed Pecan ah-ma into our family instead. And you know what, being a size smaller than I am, she actually fits into some of my old clothes!
The yellow raincoat!
Somehow, Mummy thought it was cute to have my facial hair sticking into my eyes. -_-
Thankfully she has gotten over that. 
Phew~ covering your eyes with your hair is like so passe…
Anyway, as my little tummy kept growing (still is), Mummy had no choice but to replace it with a Wagwear raincoat!
And guess what, the duckie raincoat actually fits Pecan perfectly! So, now she won’t get wet in the rain! 
Bring it on thunderstorms..
My Grandma bought me this cute CNY outfit (left) and I wore it during my very first CNY to my parents’ friends’ place to cheat earn ang baos!
I was kinda sad when I outgrew it as that was my money-making outfit!
Thankfully, Grandma bought me a new one this year.
And yes, it fits Pecan too, though she looks like a little boy in it.
Well, maybe with our combined powers, we will have a great harvest at CNY next year.
He he he…
So far, so good huh? At least the above outfits are somewhat useful.
Okay, the next one is like.. epic fail.
So on our first trip to Orlando when I was six months old, my parents went to Universal Studios and brought the whole family Dr Seus’ shirts. 
I was clearly not impressed. 
But at least it showed the world who’s boss. (I’m number 2!)
I was so glad when I outgrew the shirt!
Come on, family outfits?! How tacky.
But then, as usual, shit happens.
When my parents went back to Orlando (without me!) last year, they decided to buy me a bigger shirt!
Like seriously.
I was super pissed la. First they abandoned me. Then they buy me such a lousy present.
Yap, so somehow or another, the first piece that I outgrew fits Pecan like a hand in a glove.
So, yes. We have couple outfits.
Even worse, we have matching family outfits!!!!!
Arggghhh…kill me please.
This is like uber uncool man. I’m sure my friends would laugh their tails off at me if they catch me wearing this! I totally needa dig a hole and hide in it.
And judging from the photos, I think Pecan agrees!

Not looking forward to the day we have to parade in these hideous shirts as a family. (I think Daddy is dreading it too.)


  1. Matching outfits are the worst- I'm so glad Mom isn't big on dog clothes apart from the winter coat if it gets cold. Dina


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