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Neckwear models

While Mummy was flipping through my stash of dog clothes, she found us lovely neckwear pieces to model.
Clothes, I hate. But neckwear, I tolerate.
Anyway, I realised that my right profile is better looking. Guess it’s my white ear!
Pecan? Aiya, the ah-ma has a pretty symmetrical face (and an near-eternal smile) so, her front view is good enough. (But I’m cuter right?)
Me pretending to be a distinguished gentleman in my collar from Bangkok while Pecan’s just stoning in her bandana.
Hopefully Mummy gets the memo and stick to buying just neckwear in future. (So far so good, and I’m not gonna jinx it!)

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  1. You're right Sam, necklace is way better. Of course you are cutest (how could you doubt we'd think other wise) but I must say Pecan is a very close second.Dina and Mom


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