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Like brother, like sister!

Unlike me, Pecan is a natural swimmer! 
Well, at least with our family. While I may appear to an expert monkey rescuer, it took me a good four to five months (and alot of $$ and hard work) to get to where I am today. 
On the contrary, Pecan actually jumped into the water and swam on her own on our very first visit to the dog pool. 
(Mummy: Yap, that puts fatty Sam to shame!)

As Pecan doesn’t a life purpose while swimming, she would just go for a quick dip, before turning around and climbing out of the pool. Thus, to get her to swim and exercise more, I decide to take her under my fat wings and teach her the art of monkey rescue. 
Unfortunately, Monkey is a tad bit big and heavy for her small frame. Luckily, I do have a stash of toys and we managed to find one that fits her fine perfectly 
Yap, Pecan Woods Loo Lim is the official Monster Rescue!
So, off we go…
Step 1: Rescue the drowning toy and grab it gently with your mouth.
Step 2: Bring the toy to safety.
Step 3: Dry off.
Last but not least, Step 4: Parade.
Off we go.
Who say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? 
Pecan is awesome as she followed all the instructions well, and before we knew it, she is a top-notch monster rescuer. And just like, me, she parades her rescue with pride. 
Ahhhh~ Well done.
But of course, she did have a great mentor.
Ho ho ho ….
Like brother, like sister indeed.

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