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Dental Scaling – Checked!

For the past week, the phrase that Mummy repeated the most, besides “No, Sam! No, Pecan”, was “Don’t let her lick you, she has bad breath.”.
Guess what? As of today, you will hear the phrase no more!
Yap, Pecan Woods’ dental scaling procedure was a success! Not only did she not get affected by the anaesthesia, she did well with flying colours!
Besides an extremely relieved and happy Mummy, a slightly pleased Daddy, the both of us are basking in joy!
Here’s to many more mischiefs and misdeeds together!
Let’s do it, Pecan!
Mummy’s note: Dr Vanessa is awesome!!!!! So in love with her right now. Hee. Anyway, Pecan did great and is completely back to normal! Best of all, her bad breath is gone and her teeth looks pearly white. Okay, I exaggerate, it doesn’t. BUT, it looks almost as good as Sam! Time to get her started on her daily brushings. Well done Smelly Girl! Hm, maybe it’s also time for a new nickname too….


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