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It’s treat time!

One other reason why we get along so fine, is that we are really respectful of each other’s space. Especially so when we are eating our own treats. 
It normally starts with Mummy requesting a firm sit (Pecan always cheats!) from us. After meeting her low expectations, we will be rewarded with a chew treat each. 
Then, we both scamper to our spots in the house!
*pitter patter*

Being the ‘senior’ (in terms of number of years in the household), of course I get the bigger bed.
Pecan isn’t that much worse off as she settles for the most comfortable dog bed at home. 
After which, we mind our own business and chew our own food.
Being half my size, Pecan is also a slow eater. Even though we started at the same time, I was done in less than 10 minutes (I win!!) while she was only 10% done. 
So what I do after that?
I eye on Pecan’s treat….
Before being shoo-ed away by mummy.
So smart little Sammy Loo does what he does best – act all pitiful.
And of course, Mummy, being the sucker she is, will feel bad and I’ll get one more treat! 
Sam – 112321453254, Mummy – 0, Pecan – 0
Life is gooood.

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