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Pecan Woods Loo Lim

It’s official. 
I’m no longer the king of the household. 
Mummy adopted (another) rough coat JRT over the weekend.
Introducing Pecan Woods Loo Lim.
Pecan is a feisty grumpy old lady (she’s 9 btw!) and growls at most dogs. Miraculously, we get along. Well, not the wrestling and tugging kinda get-a-long, but the “hey, we are cool” kind. We follow each other around the house, walk side by side and beg for food together. 
Yeah, granted that there are the occasional growls, but all is cool the moment I roll over and surrender. 
(I guess rolling over on my back the very first time we met also helped seal the deal) 
She’s a little scrawny, so I look kinda fat beside her. 
Sucks as I’m hearing talks behind my back that it’s time for me to go for a diet. 
Pecan is also a genki (healthy) ah ma! Mummy brought her to my favourite vet (Dr Vanessa) over the weekend and she’s given the all clear! (Daddy’s left with a hefty bill tho. Ho ho ho) The only problem is her horrid breath. (*Gags*) Thankfully, that can easily be fixed with a dental scaling session. (Which Mummy is a little worried about because of the GA, but it’s something that has to be done) So, till she gets it done, no licking me!
Our current favourite activity – Nuaing (lazing) together!
I’m kinda looking forward to the potential damage we can achieve!
Stay in tune for our future mischief.

Mummy’s note: I always wanted a second dog but wasn’t actively searching for it. Pecan kinda came knocking on my door when a colleague mentioned that someone needs to rehome her JRT. Upon seeing the close resemblance to Sam, I just couldn’t say no. Besides, I always wanted a senior. Hence, Pecan was a perfect fit. She came from a doting home (but owners really had no choice but to give her up) and it really shows through her confidence and affectionate personality. Unfortunately, she isn’t extremely dog-friendly (but she loves people) and that’s something we will have to work with. Other than that, she’s housebroken and walks perfect on a leash (puts stupid fatty Sam to shame!). Guess I really couldn’t ask for more!
PS: Thanks Char for the cute name suggestion! 

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