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Ikea toys!

Who says that expensive toys are the best? 
Actually, cheap stuffies can be just as much fun!
On a recent trip to Ikea, Mummy scooped up some soft toys (these were originally meant for human kids) for me! 
Cheap, they are. Lousy, they are NOT!
In fact, I’m loving them!!
Introducing Blue, the long dog.
shhh, (whispers) I know he looks funny. Don’t tell him cos that will upset him!
This is Polar Beary.
Hee, this silly bear thinks that my off-white coat is snow!
Maybe that’s why he kept wanting to rest on my back. 
This is Snakie!
He prefers to rest on the top of my hand. 
But personally, I prefer him in my mouth. 
*Nom nom nom*
And my favourite of the lot (partly because it is the biggest too): Ratatouille!
Catching (during a game of fetch) him is extremely satisfying. Well, my ancestors were afterall bred to hunt rats (though I’ve to admit that I’ve close to zero natural instincts left in my blood. haizzz).
Nonetheless, the joy I get from squashing Ratatouille under my paws – priceless. 
*Evil grin*
The best part of these cute toys: Each of them cost less than $2!
Ratatouille, being the largest, was the most expensive at $1.90 while the rest were just 90 cents each!
Cheap and good!
Absolutely a bang for your buck!


  1. we get our stuffie toys second hand from the op shop when human kids no longer want them…. they are about 50 cents each, which is just as well as they don't last long in my house!


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