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I am a Bread Dog!

What do you do with a slice of expired bread? 
Toss it away?
Nay… you use it to kajiao (disturb) your dog.
1. Use a circular cookie cutter to cut a perfect circle in the middle of the bread slice.
2. Lure your dog to put his snout through the huge hole. 
3. Tadah~ You have a BREAD DOG!
Hi, i am Sam, the bread dog.
Mummy couldn’t stop laughing at how my whole face blended with the wholemeal bread. 
PS: No dog was harmed, in fact, Mr Sammy Loo (which is me) received one too many treats for his good efforts. Plus, it was a ‘one-time-okay’ attempt and only one slice of bread was used. Most importantly, no filter or photoshop was used! 

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