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Made with Love – Parsley, Cheese & Carrot Dog Biscuits!

Inspired by Pecan’s horrid breath, Mummy wanted to make some treats that can help combat the odour. And when she came home today with a bag of ingredients, we started to get pretty excited. 
Can’t help but wonder what Mummy had up her sleeves.
As Mummy did not have her recipe books on hand, she simply googled Parsley treats for dogs and settled on the very first recipe she found!
PS: Parsley is great for managing bad breath in dogs!

Let’s get started!
Here’s what she used:
– Oats, Multi-purpose floor, cheddar cheese, carrots and of course, the star of the evening – Parsley.
Mummy also found some silicon trays (two from Amazon and the others from Giant) that she could use to bake the cookies in.
(Oh ya, Mummy used chicken stock instead of lactose-free milk)
Being the senior, I was well aware of the baking procedure and was ready to go take a nap while waiting. But silly Pecan, being new and overly enthusiastic, decided to offer Mummy some help. Thankfully Mummy declined her. 
Can’t imagine eating dog treats baked with her fur.
It was really easy to make. Just mix everything together till you get the dough.
Pour the dough onto the silicon trays and bake it for 30 minutes at 180 degrees!
Simple as that!
Time was crawling and the wait felt like forever!
We both knew the moment the biscuits were ready as the aroma was so strong!
Four different designs!
But as usual, the posing formalities. 
Thankfully Pecan did great! She’s quite a natural model (except that non-stop wagging tail of hers).
To reward us, Mummy allowed us to choose what we wanted.
Once we grabbed THE ONE, we ran to separate corners and gobbled it up. 
Hee, Mummy didn’t enough have a chance to snap a photo and we were done.
Begging for seconds.
After three delectable biscuits (each), we were happy, satisfied and extremely thankful for the awesome handmade treats!
(Though I’m pretty doubtful how effective the parsley really was)
Looking forward to more delicious home-made goodies!

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