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The two weeks Grandmummy’s previous helper went home for a visit (and never came back), Mummy sent me to my very first daycare in Singapore – WOOGA!
It took Mummy a long long long LONG time to decide upon a daycare. When we were in NYC, there were tons of quality daycare (although prices can be a little steep) within walking distance of our apartment and finding one was easy breezy. However, in Singapore, the daycares’ quality just did not meet Mummy’s expectations. Despite spending a good month or so researching and looking around, none caught her eye. A couple that she did like were either too expensive or just too out of the way.
Till she finally stumbled upon Wooga! 
So why Wooga?
1. Vicinity (it’s just 5 minutes drive away)
2. Affordability ($26 for up to 12 hours!) – Mummy had to drop me off at 7am to rush off to work and pick me up at close to 7pm, so the long hours and affordability were godsend.
3. Plenty of walks and playtime – I was walked every few hours, giving me sufficient time to sniff around, play the staring game with neighbourhood cats and (most importantly) pee-pee and poo-poo.
4. Small playgroup – which meant that I got ample tummy rubs and attention…
5. Complimentary home-cooked meals and delectable treats – Yummy and healthy! And in case you were wondering, nope, I did not gain weight.
6. Clean environment – Nope, I did not come back smelling like a dozen dogs drooled on me. (DAMN! Would have been awesome to see my parents frown should that had happened. Pity~)
6. Screening – Despite Mummy sending a lengthy, naggy, unflattering email of my misdeeds, Auntie Ashley (the owner) was more than welcoming of me. I had to go through a trial session before I was accepted to see if I was manageable and not some crazy “bouncing-off-the-walls” Jack Russell. 
Of course, I put on my best suit for the interview, k. No wonder they fell for my charm~ 
HAHAHAHA *evil grinz*
Nonetheless, Mummy loved it that she was careful with the dogs she boarded. 
Wondering what I did at daycare?
I made new friends!
Introducing Dusty, the resident dog and a complete sweetheart. While we don’t exactly play or wrestle, we walk, chill and simply just hang out together. 
It’s really nice to have a doggy companion to bark with!
I went for occasional car rides! 
(I love it that Auntie Ashley doesn’t mind my wet dirty paws!)
I played fetch!
Visited the playground..
wheeeeeee~ *down the slide*
Another activity I adored – running along Auntie Ashley while she cycled!
Sigh~ the immense satisfaction of completing a good run! 
Besides all the fun activities, nothing beats just LAZING AROUND!
(okay, I’m not called lazy bum for nothing)
And boy oh boy, there are tons of comfy places to just laze my afternoon away. 
But the best place has to be…
*Whispers* Auntie Ashley’s bed!
Hee.. apparently Auntie Ashley messaged Mummy about my little rascal manja ways.
Auntie A: Your sam is refusing to leave my bed since he got here..I carry him out and about 5 minutes later, I will see him sneaking into my room and back to sleeping on the bed. 
Haha…. I just carried him out again and he is walking back in.
Mummy: Aiyooooooo, he’s such a rascal!! Paiseh (my apologies)!

*Wriggle butts* 
I’m da boss. 
But with a bed as awesome as this… how not to.
Sadly. good times had to come to an end. Grandmummy found a new domestic helper to replace the runaway one. Yap, so that means I’m back at the grandparents’. 
Boo-hoo~ I miss the endless attention I get at daycare. 
The sweetest thing was that.. Auntie Ashley even gave me a farewell gift! 
Thank you Auntie Ashley!!
Hee, luckily, Mummy loved it so much that she decided to board me there while she jets off to Bangkok for a getaway (ya, idiot right.. enjoying a trip without me. T_T) in a couple of weeks.
Well, nevermind, I shall enjoy my own little vacation at Wooga!
Hang in there Auntie Ashley, Rascal Sam is coming back to ransack your bed!
(Thanks Auntie JY for the recommendation!)

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