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My hair-removal name tag…

You know you’ve a shitty Mum when she thinks that putting a sticker with her name on it on your furry forehead is funny.
And an equally terrible Mummy when she takes her name tag off (pulling out precious strands of my coarse hair with it), only to replace it with yet another tag (this time with my name). 
Like seriously..wtf~
According to that evil woman, this name tag will supposedly help me make friends at this JRT gathering I was at.
Well, she wasn’t exactly wrong. 
People started calling my name (while giggling) and I did get a couple of treats for responding.
Guess it wasn’t that horrible after all.
Wait, I changed my mind again. 
That stupid lady Mummy just removed it from my forehead again.
If you see a bald patch on my cute little head, you know who’s fault it is…

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