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Sam’s Night Out – Paw Pet-radise

After the Dash, we headed to a Sam-Welcomed cafe – the Paw Pet-radise Cafe!
This newly opened cafe caters specially to pet owners and their four-legged kids, which means, I got to run free (and wild) in an enclosed open space! *Wriggly dance*
The staff is really welcoming and it was pretty obvious that this place was opened by pet lovers for pet  lovers! Even though they were kept busy running and cleaning after us, they did their jobs with huge smiles and even gave us a welcome pat each! Kudos for that! 
I absolutely love the attention dogs are showered with here! 
The decor of the cafe is kept simple and minimalistic – just ikea-ish tables and chairs and a nice open space in the middle for us to roam around! While I really appreciated the fact that they had a double gate to ensure that rascals, like myself (grinz), wouldn’t dash out of the door, it was placed too close to the actual entrance and that made it a little difficult to get in and out. 
While the space for dogs is big and comfortable, we realised that there isn’t many tables available. In addition, a lot of the patrons were here to linger and often stayed beyond dinner. Since the cafe doesn’t take reservations on weekends, it’s probably a good idea to swing by earlier as we saw a couple of groups waiting for quite a while before they could be seated. But again, how not to hang around (and not leave) when this place is opened till 2am on weekends! Yes, that means late night fun!!!!! 
The human menu is really simple, and thus, a little limited. But why should I care when there’s a daily special for Sam’s kind!!!! Hahaha… I decided on the meatballs while mummy and daddy ordered their own food. 
While the adults took their time to decide on what they wanted, I saw a photo opportunity and sat my butt comfortably on a dog seat and posed. 
Don’t know if my luck sucked or what, I got photobomb-ed. again. 
I was sitting around, basking in joy at the awesome space while waiting for my dinner!
Before long, my dinner was served – Yummy meatballs!!

I put on my best begging face….
but got outsmart by a resident Goldie who simply rested his snout on mummy’s lap. 
And yes, mummy gave him one whole meatball! 
I just wanted to eat, but as usual, I had to pose for photos.
The meatballs seriously smelt great and mummy couldn’t resist trying and there goes another half of a meatball.
The rest of the meatballs were history within the next 30 seconds. They were that good, lip-smacking good. 
okay, life is slightly better now.
Eventually, the adults’ food came – Daddy ordered Chicken chops while Mummy had the Ham & Mushroom in white sauce pasta. They also ordered some seaweed chicken and onion rings to share. 
While the adults sat around and chatted for the next couple of hours, I had my own adventure roaming around and making friends!
Needless to say, my parents brought home yet another dead tired dog that day.
Mummy’s note: The food was pretty decent, though not terribly memorable. (Oops) The mister’s chicken chop was slightly undercooked but this was quickly rectified and they even gave us some fries as they felt bad about it. It was also disappointing that they were out of desserts that evening. On a good note, the milk tea was very nice, rather bubbly-tea-ish. Between the four of us, we must have had almost 8 glasses! All in all, the meal was pretty good! Even though the cafe got really crowded at one point of time, we were lucky that all the owners had a good handle of their dogs and there was not a single squabble among the canines. Plus, we love that it’s opened to wee hours! Certainly a great place to hangout and just sit back and indulge in “dog-watching” therapy! 
So yes, we were definitely be back again!

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