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Mummy’s mentor at work, Uncle Bryan, mentioned about a group of hash enthusiasts who organizes monthly hashes at different parts of Singapore. There will be a pre-laid trail that is set by one or two volunteers (aka Hares) who have recced and marked out the route prior to the actual hash. What’s unique about this group of hashers is that it is canine-friendly, hence the name “Dash“! This awesome group welcomes dog lovers and their pets to join them on the first saturday of the month (rain or shine). Each route will last no more than an hour and is suitable for participants of all fitness level. Oh, and to celebrate the completion of each hash, there will be booze (*wriggly dance*), drinks and food at the end point! Dang, that’s life!
Mummy was super excited to hear about it and couldn’t wait to join. I was pretty keen too! Of course, Daddy was giving mummy the “Do I have to go too?” face. Not surprisingly, Daddy DID join us in the end. 
Haha.. sucker~
So, on a lovely saturday afternoon, we drove to a ulu location near Seletar Camp and got ready for our adventure. 
There was a quick briefing session for the participants (furry or not).
Non-members (humans) are required to pay $15 (non-drinkers) and $20 (Beer drinkers) while Sam’s kind runs for free. 
Ho ho ho…
 There were dogs of all sizes and shapes. Interestingly, with a couple of others, I was considered one of the smallest dogs. The biggest was an Irish Wolfhound (which I mistook for a pony on first glance) that was probably 10231023193times my size. This dog made another great dane look tiny! And nope, while he is a sweetheart, I wasn’t too keen to say hi. 
Mummy’s gross note: The balls of the irish wolfhound are bigger than Sam’s face. That’s how big this dog is! No wonder the little rascal was scared shit abit wary.
Waiting for the “Let’s Go” signal!
I was patiently waiting for the dash to commence. Honestly, it was a huge challenge trying to contain my excitement!
As usual, trigger happy mummy couldn’t stop taking photos.
And that was when, I got photobombed. 
Introducing my companions for the day!
Snowy – the Golden Retriever, Cory – the Schnauzer, Mario – the Shih Tzu-King Charles-mix and Jäger – the Malamute-Husky Mix!
What a group huh!
Off we go! 
Dogs are welcomed to go off-leash. But with my track record, that wasn’t gonna happen. 
Oh well, I’ll make do! 
While we were able to follow the crowd in front mindlessly, we got left behind eventually. That was when we realized the importance of the signs the hares used to mark the route. A quick way to remember is by the acronym “CPF” – Chalk, Paper and Flour. There will be either one of these three items placed every 50 metres to help trace the trail. Interesting isn’t it? 
Besides the hike, mummy and the rest had quite some fun identifying the markers! 
Anyway, we walked and walked and walked….
Hiked on an unfinished flyover…..
Stopped for many water breaks …
Got carried over rocky paths at a construction site…
Walked alone and in a pack….
Before finally reaching the end point! 
We were actually the first to arrive as we took a short cut since we got left far behind! So while the humans sat around and chatted, the rest of us got down to even more play! 
The rest of the group came in over the next hour and that was when the party began! 
“Bring in the booze!!”
Unfortunately for me, before I could get my paws on the bottle of beer, we left for dinner. 
Nonetheless, it was a great experience and we had alot of fun exploring the undiscovered part of Singapore! Needless to say, we are looking forward for the August Dash! And yes, Daddy is a convert too!
Each new route will be revealed a week prior to the actual Dash, so do check out their websites for updates!

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