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Architecture For Sam…

Mummy discovered a website, Architecture for Dogs and fell head over heels with the many pieces of functional (or not) furniture designed by world class architects and designers. This community of dog-lovers selflessly shares their stylish designs with the world by uploading their blueprints, together with instructional videos, to encourage canine lovers everywhere around the globe to get down and start building these pieces for their dogs at home! Even better is the fact that many of the designs are breed-specific, depending on the dog the designers owns.
And with a stroke of luck, Torafu Architects designed for Jack Russell Terriers, like myself! 
*Wriggly dance*

Introducing the Wanmock!
(Source: Architecture for Dogs)

Here’s how the blueprint looks like. There are actually two ways to assemble a Wanmock and mummy chose the hassle-free option where all pieces are cut to precision and all that is needed during assembly is to slot them together. Yes, in case you are wondering, not a single nail was needed, let alone a drill! 
(Source: Architecture for Dogs)

Unfortunately for us, we didn’t have a garage of cutting tools and wood planks lying around the house as many households in the states do. Mummy wanted it so badly and was desperate enough to even consider buying the kit that’s available online for USD235. But lucky for Daddy, mummy found a cheaper (in fact, free) alternative – my resourceful GrandDaddy! (Hip hip hooray!)
My awesome Granddaddy got the pieces we needed cut for free and even added a protective layer of paint (which mummy wasn’t fond of initially as she had wanted the plywood colour, but the darker brown is growing on us!). 
Kudos to GrandDaddy!
I can’t wait to start building my very own designer bed!
We were impressed by how nicely cut the pieces are, not to mention they are of good quality!
We recruited the engineer for help – Daddy.
With the aid of his iPad and the instructional video on the website, we got cracking.
Assembling was easy breezy and within minutes, my brand new bed was built!
Mummy quickly grabbed a decent looking shirt (Go HEATS! Go LEBRON!) as my bed. 
Oh oh, the kit even included a cute wooden bone to go with the bed! 
How thoughtful.
Okay, as aesthetically pleasing as the bed seemed, it wasn’t exactly the most comfortable thing around. It could be that I’m a little heavier than the bed is designed for or that the dri-fit shirt mummy’s using isn’t a good fit. So it took me a tad bit to get used to the Wanmock.
After a few minutes, I started warming up to the Wanmock and gosh, it is actually pretty comfortable!
For a moment, I thought I was chilling by the beach on my Wanmock. 
Sucks that when I opened my eyes, all I saw was mummy.
Posing with my very own wooden bone!
On a side note, this bed makes me look Fatttttttt…
What a huge belly I’ve. 
Enjoying life like a king. 
Mummy decided to spice things up a little by changing to a cotton tee shirt. As the material was less stretchy, it stayed taut and was way more comfortable.
But unfortunately for me, mummy still plans on wearing these shirts. Hence, my Wanmock is currently topless and mummy is set to go on a mission to purchase THE SHIRT for me. 
Looking forward to seeing that!

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