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More from Amazon…

Part II of the Amazon Parcel finally arrived! 
I was uber excited to check out what’s in it!
Anxiously waiting..
When mummy finally opened it, I couldn’t wait to start sniffing out the contents!
The first two items unveiled were disappointing, both to me and Mummy.
I mean, I really don’t see why I would need yet another leash and collar (In the corner of my eyes, I see Daddy nodding away as I’m typing this sentence). To Mummy, the colours of the actual items weren’t quite what she was expecting. Based on the images on Amazon, she thought them to be of a more pastel orange, rather than neon orange. Hence, she was a little disappointed. A pity we are half way round the globe and returns are gonna cost more than the items are worth so we are both stuck with these. Boo~
On a side note, Mummy bought this collar as she wanted to get a martingale collar to replace my existing one. Okay, colours and the actual needs aside, the leash and collar are pretty well made and certainly a bang for your buck.
I’ll update you on how good (or not) they are when we get around to using them. But judging on the number of unused, new leashes/collars sitting in the store room, it might take a tiny bit longer. 
(Think weeks.. erm.. months..maybe year?)
Next was Mummy’s favourite poop bags – Bags on Board!
This is by far the best poop bags mummy could find. After using a variety of brands, she found these bags to be of the best quality (doesn’t tear easily) and are great at eliminating odours. 
Before we moved back, Mummy actually stocked up about 100 rolls (Yes, she’s THAT kiasu). But since she needed more items to hit the minimum spending, it surely doesn’t harm to buy yet more rolls. 
Wondering what this semicircle pouch is? 
Mummy thought that this bowl looked really compact and easy to use and decided to buy it. What she failed to do was to pay attention to the measurements stated. As a result, the bowl is bigger than my head. -_- Seriously? (Dumb mummy… *Shakes head*)
Well, at least it ensures that I’ve plenty of water to drink when we are out.
Till now, I wasn’t too pleased with the items she bought.
Then I realised that the remaining items were all TOYS! 
Hooray!! *Wriggles*
Besides more awesome treat balls from Jolly Pets (on the right), she also purchased a selection of latex toys! 
Knowing that she couldn’t rely on Monkeys forever, Mummy decided to buy various different latex toys to test if they are floatable on water!
She bought the Charming Pet Latex Dog Toy Balloon (Left),
We will be taking these latex toys for a swim test soon and will certainly keep you updated on which is the best replacement!
Meanwhile, while these toys were meant to be for swimming, Mummy decided to let me start playing with one of them first! (Mummy usually avoids letting me play with my swimming toys unless we are at the pool to prevent me from getting sick and tired of them.)
I was super happy and couldn’t wait to eat play with it!
Here goes!
I’m not sure if it’ll pass the water test, but I’m sure it passed the “SAM” test!
Once again, Amazon rocks and I cannot wait till Mummy decides to indulge in another shopping spree! 
(Okay, now Daddy’s glaring at me.. oops~*Grinz*)

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