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All in a day’s work…

I’m officially a grown up. 
Cos’ after 3+ years off leeching of a rather grumpy ill-fated sweet daddy, I finally earned my own keep. *Ka-ching ka-ching* 
Mummy’s colleague found me a PAID modeling gig – I got to film a promotional video for a soon-to-launch condo! While the video won’t be aired on TV, it will be on facebook and youtube! 
Good enough, good enough. 
My parents were more excited about the gig than I was! In fact, mummy ordered daddy to take leave for the day to accompany me. LOL
After enduring a horrid bath and an equally bad thorough brushing the night before, we set out for the shoot on a lovely sunny morning! 
It was a looooong drive and I had no idea why the hell I was when we arrived.
Mummy initially thought that it was going to be an indoor shoot in the showroom or something like that, hence she was a little startled when she realised that the shoot was taking place at Sengkang riverside park. I could see mummy panicking for a moment.

Mummy’s note: For a moment, I was quite worried that they might request an off-leash shoot. Then, halilujah liao. -_- Yes, this piece of shit cutie is HORRID off-leash. I swear I was ‘praying pretty hard’ that that wasn’t required.

As we arrived way ahead of schedule, my parents decided to use the free time to let me explore the park and just breathe in the lovely fresh air. 
As gorgeous as the day seemed, it was actually a tad bit warm for my liking. After a short while, we decided to hide under some pavillion. Awesome mummy prefreezed my bottle last night and as a result, I was able to have refreshing brain-freeze water to cool me down.
Mummy is da best!
Of course, I spent a little while practising my killer smile.
(Which came in extremely handy!)
The setup was really simple, just two human actors (one was mediacorp actor Zen Chong), a director, a camera man and two helpers. Of course, not forgetting the dashing dog model. (ME!!!)
And to mummy’s huge relief, all I needed to do was walk well on a leash. That’s all, or so she thought (we will get there later).
In addition, well-prepared mummy brought one of my squeeky toys along and that totally helped. 
I’m generally food-oriented, but can be ultra play-oriented at times. I was so excited that I actually rejected my favourite treat. Lucky mummy brought along a toy to grab my full attention.
Hee, how’s my acting?! 
After approximately ten minutes of filming (approximately 6-7 takes with varying actions), the human actors left to prepare for the next scene (which didn’t require me).  That was when the director made a special request and asked mummy if they could film a running shot of me. 
And guess what, something miraculous happened. Mummy took a uber huge leap of faith and said yes! Before I could get over the shock and the confidence mummy had in me, off went the hook and I was off-leash~
In case you are wondering, professional Sammy Loo did not run off. I stayed put and focused on the squeeky toy mummy was holding.
And I was the best dog I could ever be for the next ten minutes – before I gave up in exhaustion and sat down refusing to move. By then, the director and camera man were satisfied with the takes and I was off work!
As mummy wanted to concentrate in making me the best dog model as possible (and probably be on-the-go just in case I bolt), she didn’t actually take a lot of behind-the-scenes shot and did not manage to capture any off-leash shots. 
I was initially scheduled for a two hour slot of filming, but talented little me had it done within 30 minutes! 
But I was absolutely pooped by then.
Sigh, didn’t realise that working was so tiring. 
Guess that’s it for now. I’m gonna take my time to recuperate before finding my next job.
Meanwhile, if you want me paw-autograph, just drop me an email k?

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