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Sam’s Day Out – III Cafe

Daddy had to work today, hence, Daddy-substitue my girlfriend mummy’s friend, Auntie Q joined us on our quest this week! 
We ventured to a busy stretch of shophouses, near Siglap, to a nice little Sam-welcomed venue – III Cafe! Opened in December 2012, this open-concept second floor cafe is fully air-conditioned and pets like Sammy Loo are welcomed to roam off-leashed!
Waiting to head in…
Check out the huge space for me to run around! 
The down side was that there was a small children party happening. Interestingly, that group of people didn’t have a single dog. Guess they were attracted to the spacious venue too. Unfortunately for me, I had to be kept on leash till the crowd dispersed as mummy wasn’t too keen for me to go sniffing around the kids. 
We were initially seated at a window seat with normal dining chairs and I had to sit on the floor. Luckily for me, a booth seat opened up and we shifted over. 
Of course, I got myself comfortable pretty quickly!

 We had to order at the counter as the only menu was on the wall at the bar. The food selection was quite limited and Auntie Q and mummy both settled for Curry Rice with Fried Chicken, before indulging in the Chocolate Lava Cake and Pancakes!
When their food came, I was a little annoyed. I mean, mummy couldn’t have thought that I would like curry rice. -_- 
Hee… that’s when mummy told me that she ordered something for me from the special dog menu! 
 I was eagerly waiting…
and then it finally came!
YES… it’s beef meatballs and it sure smelt awesome! (Even mummy agreed!)
No surprises, I licked my bowl clean after each of the first two meatballs. By the third one, I was a little full and couldn’t eat anymore. Ha.
After eating, I just sat around and chilled while mummy and Auntie Q chatted. Of course, with the lovely air-conditioning, they can take all the time in the world.
Auntie Q was really sweet and patient as mummy dragged her around for two other Sam-centric activities – we went to check out a new daycare for me and then SWIMMING! 
I’m sure she must be thinking that mummy has no life since her weekends revolve around me. 
Hee… hope we didn’t bore you too much today! Care to join us again? =P
I only got home at around seven and I was totally exhausted since my day begun before noon. That is more than seven hours of no naps, possibly my new record! On a good side, I was zonked out even before mummy could brush my teeth and I sure slept real well.
Hooray to another great weekend!
Mummy’s note: It was pretty obvious that the place’s main attraction is that it’s a dog-friendly cafe that is air-conditioned, as opposed to its food. The ingredients on the curry rice was quite pathetic as there were only 4-5 pieces of small chicken and the veggies in the curry were barely noticeable. The dessert wasn’t too bad. On a plus side, they were really cheap, going at $4.90 each! The thing is, the food we ate wasn’t terrible, it’s just that it’s not awesome and felt very home-cooked. (Probably prepared by a home chef rather than a professional chef.) The space is really nice and I think Sam did enjoy roaming around. Unfortunately, the location of the cafe is a huge minus as parking was a huge pain in the ass. It took us a little while to find a lot. I’m not quite sure if we will be back on a regular basis, but it’s certainly not a bad place to go should we want to celebrate Sam’s birthday next year. 


  1. Shame there were some cons but in general in was cool, right? Sam liked it and that is the most important thing! ;DDina and Mom


  2. It is pawesome to see how many places you have there that are dog friendly!Hmmm…. not here….. Sheeesh…Take careKisses and hugsLorenza


  3. Hey Sam how did you go with checking out daycare? Mom would love to bring me but she hasn't found any good ones so far.


  4. Hey Ruffles, oops, didn't see your comment till now! (Sorry I'm, erm.. 6 months late!) It took Mummy a while to find something suitable and near our place. She visited a few places before settling for Wooga. Although it's a home daycare, she felt that I would be given more attention and it's really affordable too! Hope ya mom found you something good!!


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