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Bishan Dog Park

After brunch @ Grub, we set off to explore the park. We walked and walked and walked till we arrived at… a DOG RUN!
Okay, I was kidding. The weather was just insanely warm and the sky was piercing blue as there was close to ZERO cloud cover. The sun was just scorching hot. So we did what smart people, like myself, would do – we drove from a carpark to another carpark. 

Bishan Dog Run is located at Bishan Park 2 and comprises of two enclosures, one for small breeds and the other for larger ones. As per the AVA ruling, certain breeds are required to be muzzled before they are allowed me. But nay, doesn’t bother a cute little Jack Russell the least.
Without any doubts, my parents brought me right in to the big dog run cos I’m a big big boy (just happened to be trapped in a small, but increasingly fatter body). 
The truth is… I’m a bully (HO HO HO ). 
I am intrigued by furry little canines that moves. What I do with them? I chase after them, knock them over, jump on top of them and grin. 
Occasionally, I attempt to grab them. Sadly, I’m usually unsuccessful as a pair of hands from nowhere would yank me away before I could do anything. (damn!)
I’m not small dog aggressive. I am just too rough and strong for smaller (toy) breeds. 
So the reasonable thing for my parents to do… throw me with the real dudes. 
Bring it on~
There was two other dogs (a mongrel and another jack russell) for me to chase and play with. Pity, the other JRT was too lazy to chase and just stood there. I had a ball of time running around with the mongrel though. 
Lucky for my parents, the grass patch was dry and they didn’t have to deal with a muddy dog at the end of the day. That also meant that I didn’t have to endure yet another bath session. Phew~
Too bad for me when both the dogs left pretty soon after I came. But, my awesome mummy is always well-prepared! She brought my favourite toy!
And we played FETCH!
Yet more FETCH!
Before I finally threw in the towel and laid down to rest. 
I was having so much fun that even my eyes and ears were smiling!
One important thing to note: Always keep your dog hydrated in a warm climate like the little red dot! 
Mummy actually froze my water bottle the night before and thus I had unlimited supply of ice cold water!
Brain freeze!!
After several water breaks, I decided to just roam around the grass and gallop.
 Check out the best shot of the day! 
(After 12411413813231 tries.)
 I love being a HDB dog, but I love days like this even more. 
Days where I can run free (without a tagging leash) and far!
That pretty much explains the smile that could not be wiped off..
Check out my curling tongue – that’s an indication that I’m having too much fun (not complaining) and am getting a tad bit tired.
Okay. I rephrase. Getting real tired.
Before long, I was on my frog-leg position and just done for the day. 
I literally laid on that spot for a good twenty minutes before catching my second wind. (HA!) My parents was pretty surprised that I even had the strength to move, let alone run. Well,  how can I miss out on the fun! (A new pack of four dogs came in and that simply rejuvenated me!)
By then, my parents were too tired to whip out the SLR and decided to just sit back, relax and indulge in watching me play. Of course, they enjoyed patting the other dogs too!
I had to have one last shot before we left though –  a happy shot of a elated dog!
Wished we just stayed across the street and that this will be a daily activity. 
Pity that’s not gonna happen. 
Oh well, I guess an occasional treat will do just fine!
Meanwhile, it’s time to spend the rest of the week day recuperating!

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  1. Looks like a pawsome day out! Mom always wonders how I have the energy to run around like a lunatic too!Dina


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