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Sam’s Day Out – Grub…

Sam-Welcomed hangout of the week is…
Grub is a newly opened restaurant located in Bishan Park, making it a great brunch choice on a lovely Saturday afternoon like today!
The restaurant focuses on cooking with natural ingredients that are responsibly produced and obtained.
Kudos to its effect on social responsibility!
It was pretty packed that morning and though we didn’t have to wait, we had to share the table with a friendly couple. The whole outdoor area is dog-friendly. Unfortunately, the distance between the tables was a little close and that made it kinda awkward for us as we were somewhat concerned that the table beside ours was a tad bit afraid of me. 
(Like seriously … Grrrrrrrr)
Anyway, we got by.. and nope, I ain’t bite no one.. =P
The menu was a little limited and we didn’t have much to choose from the brunch selections. Plus, one of the items that my parents wanted (The Tasmanian mussels & chorizo stew) wasn’t available. Boo~
Service was also lacking as it took them a while to pass us the menu. We weren’t served any tap water (HUGE MINUS on a scorching day like this). The cutlery and napkins were only passed to us after our food was served. (Another strike!) We ordered desserts and weren’t given new cutlery either. Honestly, the staff looked sort of overwhelmed and difficult to grab that my parents couldn’t be bothered to try. 
The outdoor seating had ceiling fans that kept us slightly cooler. Likewise, awesome mummy came prepared and had frozen my water bottle the night before. Hence, I had brain-freezing cold water to battle the heat, despite the lapse in service.
The wait was decent and took about 10 minutes for the food to arrive. 
But we got bored nonetheless and decided to make some funny faces! 
And the food is served!
Mummy had the GRUB Cheeseburger, Daddy had the Pork Steak Burger and iced honey lime juices. 
After gobbling down the food, they had desserts – Belgium Waffle with French Vanilla Gelato!

Waiting for food to fall from the sky again…
Today.. I had yummy beef patty and bread!
Ho ho ho!
By mid meal, I was so bored and started staring into the park! 
My itchy paws cannot wait to start running around the lush green patches!
Finally the meal ended… (Wags tail~)
No prizes for guessing where we went next…
Heee.. YAP! Bishan Park Dog Run! (More on it on the next post!)
Oh, did I mention that the Greeter Staff said I was extremely cute?? 
Mummy’s Note: Interestingly, of all the restaurants/cafes we’ve been to so far, Grub was by far the most affordable! After the drinks, food and even dessert, the final bill came up to only around SGD$40! What a pleasant surprise. BUT.. that’s almost as well as the meal went. My beef patty was a little dry and the serving was also a little small. That was the only reason why we even had stomach space for dessert. (Recall that we hardly ordered desserts at the other places.) The Mister’s Pork Steak Burger was actually pretty decent! The apple and cashew chimichurri sauce was refreshing and palate pleasing! I nearly stole his whole burger, but the visible fats on the Pork was a tad bit repelling and I decided to stick to my beef burger instead. All in all, it was a so-so meal and the lack in service was disappointing. 
Will I be back? 
I’m actually not too sure. 


  1. I thought that burger looked a little small, and of course they said Sammy was cute!!!


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