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Made with Love – Anzac Biscuit Dog Treat

Inspired by this Anzac Biscuit Dog Treat recipe on Pretty Fluffy, mummy decided to make me some treats again!
Oh, Anzac Day doesn’t mean anything to us, in fact, I have never heard about it till this.  
Mummy just felt that this was a real easy treat to make, hence she chose to bake it for me! A quick wiki about it showed that it is a day to commemorate all Australians and New Zealanders who served and sacrificed their lives during wars, conflicts or peacekeeping operations.
What a meaningful day!

But the truth is.. i’m just happy that there is homemade food for me. 
Anyway, here’s our work-in-progress.
The ingredients required and the steps needed are all mentioned on the link above. 
Do check it out if you are interested!

After a quick bake, the biscuits were ready!
The fragrance of the coconut and apple filled the kitchen the moment mummy opened the oven and I swear I started drooling at that very moment.
Unwillingly posing for the shoot.
Knowing what a perfectionist Mummy can be and how stubborn she is (she won’t let me eat till she gets the shot she wants), I decided that my life will be easier if I smiled. 
so here goes..
And boy, did it work!
(bon appétit)
Happily munching away!!
After allowing me to savage indulge in four pieces, mummy put the rest of the biscuits in the airtight bottle and safely stowed them away. 
And this I was NOT happy.
Check out my threatening face…
“Give it to me or else…”
I got a smack on my head before I could finish my sentence and the menacing Sam was gone…
Sam = 1231244234123152 vs Mummy = 1
Her first win.

Sadly, the biscuits lost their appeal the next time I was offered some and mummy had no choice but to toss the remaining away after a week or so.
I guess there’s no more Anzac biscuits for me in future.

Mummy’s note: The biscuits took a little longer to bake and they were in the oven for approximately 20 minutes instead. The end product was actually pretty good! In fact, it was decent enough that I didn’t think we needed extra seasoning for the human-friendly version. I personally love the desiccated coconut flakes and the apple taste and I even took three whole pieces! Knowing how much the little boy dislikes apples, I wasn’t totally surprised when he wasn’t interested in them after a day. He was just enticed by the novelty of the freshly baked treat initially. What a pity though as these really were some healthy yummy treats. 
Oh well~


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