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Sam Around The House – Our Industrial Organizer Cabinet!

Introducing the industrial organizer cabinet from Like That One!
My parents (mummy mostly) fell in love with this piece of furniture the moment they set eyes on it. It was a exact fit for Mummy’s vintage industrial theme of our home’s decor with the metal drawers and the wooden frame. Moreover, it was a perfect fit for the empty space between the mirror and the TV console! And no one’s gonna complain about extra storage space with style.
Hee, I’m trying really hard to follow the instructions of the painting we brought back from NYC! 
(It’s a gift from Uncle HL and Auntie E!). 
Sit. Stay. SMILE!
The only downside of this is that the base of the cabinet is a little higher than ideal – which means that my toys kept rolling under and getting stuck. Sadly, I’m a little too fat tall to fit under and I can only bark for my parents to rescue my toys. Not surprisingly, my parents ain’t too happy with that. 
Other than that, this piece is a real conversation starter and certainly one of the more eye-catching piece in our living room!
Not bad huh?

Mummy’s note: I’m absolutely obsessed with this piece! It is so well made and sturdy and fitted into the home’s theme like a T! Though a little pricey, me and the mister were really pleased with the purchase! Plus, Like That One is just like an amusement park – full of fascinating pieces that blows my mind away. I seriously cannot wait to swing by there to check out their new pieces!


  1. That looks pawsome! I know the pain Sammy- my treats keep rolling under the washing machine and dishwasher when my Mom and Mamma give them to me by my bowl or in the kitchen and I am not quick enough!


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