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Sam’s Day Out – Cafe Melba!

Located at Goodman Road, Cafe Melba is our Sam-welcomed hangout of the week! 
A quiet fusion restaurant that serves Australasian dishes, we found it quite a contrast from the usual hectic buzzing food places we frequent. There was no constant flow of cars, nor ridiculously huge crowd of people, just the restaurant and a large plot of empty grassland.
Altogether, there is a calming and tranquil vibe to the place that captivated us almost immediately! 
While the cafe has a good reputation of being children (there’s even a bouncing castle to entertain them!) and dog-friendly (we saw three other dogs!), we were a little disappointed that we weren’t given a nice dog bowl with ice cold water. Though mummy is always well-prepared (with the collapsable dog bowl), we thought that the little touch (like Jones did) would add tons of brownie points. But nonetheless, I was bought over by the lush green field in front of the patio and I could not take my eyes off it. 
Oh, Daddy’s friend, Uncle J tagged along for the brunch date and I had a couple more belly rubs than usual! 
Ho ho ho…

The outdoor seating was fully sheltered and breezy, thus no worries for the terrible weather here! In fact, despite it being a hot and humid afternoon, we were really comfortable at our table. 
Food was served pretty quickly.
Daddy had the Full Melba Cooked Breakfast, mummy had the Home Cured Bacon and Scrambled Egg Sandwich and Truffle Fries to share.
While my parents chatted with Uncle J, I was happy chilling on the nice cooling wooden patio floor. Oh oh.. Bacon bits fell from the sky today too!
After being done with her brunch, awesome mummy actually brought me out to the field and had a few games of fetch with me. (No photos -_- as daddy was busy chatting with Uncle J.) But you can totally see how exhausted I was after the nice playtime. 
(Tongue hanging = half dead tired and happy!)
Just when I thought that the perfect day was going to end, I had a pleasant surprise! Thanks to the few rounds of fetch, I was ready to zonk off in the car right after the meal. Little did I know that after sending Uncle J off, I was in for another amazing treat – THE BEACH!!
I sure had a blast chasing waves and playing fetch (I even found a nice decomposing mouse that sent mummy screaming! HA!).
Hee, kudos to yet another spectacular weekend!
I was sent to the groomer’s after the beach for a nice trim and a wash down. So my lucky parents had a tired, sleepy and CLEAN little pup at the end of the day. 
Nice huh~
Mummy’s note: The food at Cafe Melba was a little disappointing and I regretted my choice of the bacon sandwich. It was a little blah as the bacon was too salty for my liking and the egg was just tasteless. It would have been a tad bit better if there were at least some sides or veggies to accompany the sandwich. The mister’s breakfast was average too. Well, at least the truffle fries was decent! Luckily, the ambience of the place more than compensate for the mediocre food and I would almost certainly return with the little rascal (aka Sam). It is a good hangout place for a cozy gathering and the grass patch is a great way to tire the dog, perfect for killing two birds with one stone!
If only it wasn’t that far in the east… -_- 


  1. Sounds like a great place but shame the food wasn't as good as it looks! Still, at least Sam had a barktastic time!


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