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Finally… a trip to the B-E-A-C-H!!!!!

I was whisked away into the car early in the morning on the weekend. Dang! I thought I could finally laze in bed. -_-
I was still groggy and half awake when we arrived at our destination 30 minutes later. When mummy winded down the window, I knew something exciting was waiting for me. It smelt like… the BEACH! 
*Wriggly dance*
Yes, we were at East Coast Park!!!!
I got up immediately and attempted to jump right out the window. (Fear not, mummy had a good grip and I was still leashed..)
When we finally got out of the car, I could not wait to get my little paws wet. Unfortunately for me, my stupid parents had yet to have their breakfast and I was dragged to the restaurant with them. 
Anyway, mummy found yet another dog friendly place, Sunset Bay. As we were pretty early, there wasn’t much of a crowd and we were seated right away.
After a 10 minute wait or so, our food was served. Daddy had shepherd’s pie while mummy had chilli crabmeat pasta. The food was decent, but once again, a tad bit overpriced. -_- 
I was too excited to wait for them to finish. (That explains my many different poses.) Honestly, I couldn’t care less for the food and all I had on my mind was “beach beach BEACH!”. 
I swore I almost died from anticipation. When dad finally called for the bill, I felt a breath of life flowing through me… 
It’s time!
(The weather was starting to get a little overcast and I kept my paws crossed tight!)
I was literally dragging daddy down to the beach!
Taking in the lovely sea breeze..
before finally diving in to the nice soft sand… 
Let the fun begin!
I started by….Chasing waves!! 
Hee, I used to be afraid of them, but not anymore. 
Bring it on!!! You cannot eat me up!
Well, I tried swimming, but just wasn’t too comfortable.
I guess I’m happy just trotting along the beach…
Because of my horrendous recall (I practically never come back), my parents figured out a way to slow me down (so that I won’t outrun daddy if I do decide to run away) – kept a leash on me with one of mummy’s slippers tied to it as the extra weight is supposed to slow me down. 
But honestly, I was too excited running to and fro between my parents (they were tossing the ball between them) to even think about escaping!
It was really fun as the sand felt great to run on and I could always wet my little paws when it got warmer. 
Mummy kept a ice cold supply of fresh water by the side too, to prevent me from drinking the salty sea water.
 Once I got the ball, I would drop it near the waves and let the waves wash it out and back!
Simple joy and fun. 
Obviously, I was on cloud nine the whole time through!
Sadly, my parents called it quits after a short 45 minutes! (MORE MORE MORE!)
As usual, I was exhausted, but truly happy!
 Unfortunately, I wasn’t too fond of what came after. 
It came in the form of a bucket, a scoop and clean water – yes, I was washed down. 
The showers at the restroom in ECP aren’t dog friendly. Luckily, the car had a pail that my parents could fill and wash me with.
To make things even worse, I had to endure a real bath when we got home.
well, but I guess it was all worth the fun I had. 
And no surprises, I slept really really well that night!!
Me likey beaches!!

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