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Happy belated Labour Day!

Since Labour Day (May 1st) was a public holiday, my sweet parents decided to bring me out to enjoy the sun and greenery of the little red dot. They chose to explore a new place! How exciting!! *Grinz*
After some thought and little planning, we headed to….
Hee, it was certainly my virgin visit there. Apparently, both my parents couldn’t even remember when they were last there! (It was probably donkey years ago) So I guess that made it more interesting for everyone!
To avoid parking woes, Daddy parked the car at the NIE campus along Bukit Timah Road. Lucky for us, we found a lot near the entrance to Jacob Ballas Children’s Playground. On the flip side, it was at the other end of the gardens. -_-
 Nonetheless, we embarked on our journey of exploration around the famous garden.
The whole garden is really dog friendly (though there are a couple of out of bounds area for me). The no off-leash rule doesn’t affect me as usual. 
Wondering what we did?
We walked and walked and walked and walked.
Found the red brick path.. (which honestly wasn’t red at all.)
Met some new friends. 
(I’m not too sure about the black swan though..hm..)
Sat around and people/ squirrel watch.
And KO-ed after two good hours of exercise.
I truly was exhausted, but just happy.
By the end of the walk, all our stomachs were growling in hunger. Hee, well prepared mummy suggested a nice place, Jones the Grocer, at Dempsey Hill for lunch. Yes, in case you are wondering, it is dog friendly!
We were there around noon and there was already a line. Lucky for us, the wait was mainly for indoor seating and since I wasn’t allowed inside (BOO~), we got a seat pretty quickly.
The service was good and quick too!
Mummy was uber happy as she found out that they sold the very Ginger Ale that she was obsessed with in NYC. The down side.. it cost a whooping $6.50 per bottle! Dang~ a bottle of beer is cheaper.
But that certainly didn’t stop her from buying a dozen and stocking up at home. (Warning to future guests, please DO NOT take it when you are here. Else Mummy will give you a killer glance.)
Anyway, the food was delicious, especially the sauteed mushrooms. (Hee, I had some bacon and salmon. Yum yum~) Though we have to add, it was quite overpriced. 
 That being said, the restaurant was really dog friendly and attentive to little Sammy Loo’s needs. I was given a water bowl filled with ice cold water even before we were sat. (Mummy stood in line for about ten minutes)
Me Likey~
Me getting comfortable (the cement floor felt good on a hot day) just waiting for scraps of food to fall from the sky. 
Of course, before we left, I just had to leave my mark at Dempsey hill! 
(Yes, I did pee on one of the bushes behind….shhhh)
All in all, it was just a great great day, full of exercise and yummy food at dog friendly places!

Hee, looking forward to the next public holiday~


  1. Looks like a great day and a really nice botanic gardens! We are going to head on up to our local Botanic Gardens at some time soon, but parking is a hassle there as well. If they allowed us doggies on Public Transport I am convinced that my humans would take me more places without the hassle of driving the car everywhere.-Barbie


  2. Dang guys, we over here in England have it easy- as long as we are small and friendly looking we are allowed on buses and I'm pretty sure trains too. Also, most gardeny places and such have their own garden. Seems you had a gawjuss day out anyways!


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