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Crafting duo presents….

the simplest project EVER.
All you need is an old shirt. 
(Hee, yes, you saw it right, it’s a A&F!)
As usual, I had to test the fabric before we can begin. 
Once again, I approve.
Curious about what the project is about? 
Pity the shirt didn’t fit, else it would have looked great on me. 
And nope, it wasn’t a shirt for me…
Hope you guessed it right, and yes, it’s an upcycled dog collar!
All mummy did  was to use a pinking shears and cut the collar out. It took no more than a minute and the project was completed! I swear I could have done it if I had thumbs! Easy breezy…
Awesome isn’t it?
Check out the handsome boy and his new collar!
 Loving it. 
Hee, I feel like a grown up wearing it! 
Mummy felt that the collar was a tad bit big for me while Daddy thought it was okay.
After all, the shirt collar is 15.5″ but my neck is only 12″..oops, now you know my waistline too. 
It does look a little better when it’s tighter (the photo on the right). Unfortunately, mummy wasn’t able to resize it. Well, partly because she was lazy. In addition, it would require alot of work and with her (LOW) crafting XP, there was no guarantee that it would succeed. 
Hm…certainly not worth the risk…
The truth is, I don’t really care!
In fact, I like the collar big cos I could run comfortably in it.
Yet, another awesome project for the crafting duo!
Time to keep my eyes opened for smaller shirts for a better fitting collar though…
On a side note, pardon for the slow updates for the past couple of weeks (and probably for the next few months to come). My dearest mummy found an internship (after 3 years of housewife-ing) that is paying peanuts. But don’t feel sorry for her just yet as she’s loving it. 
Unfortunately for me, that means less attention and blogging. (BoooooOOOOooo… CUSS you, whoever invented jobs!) 
Nonetheless, there are some pretty good perks on the job! Hee, will reveal more as it comes! 
Meanwhile, bear with me please?


  1. You look very handsome!Glad to know your mom is enjoying her job!I will be waiting for your posts!Kisses and hugsLorenza


  2. Uoooooooh… it's very cool.Guau Guau!!Pitu, Maltes living in Barcelona (Spain)Can you tell your email to contact you?Bye!


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