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Our little picnic…

We had a quickie picnic a couple of weekends ago. 
On the spur of the moment, mummy decided that we do a little picnic at West Coast Park, followed by some cycling. 
(The truth was… my stupid mummy overslept and missed my meal time. Hence, they had to pack my breakfast, brunch rather, along with them for the cycling trip.)

Presenting Sammy’s little picnic box!
I was pretty excited about the picnic till I saw that it was nothing more than my regular food. 
What a wet blanket. 
But since I was starving, I ate it anyway.
My poor parents didn’t have it any better. Since the picnic was really last minute, they decided to just grab a MacDonald’s Takeout. 
(I am normally VERY fond of Macs for it’s yummy nuggets. Too bad for me, breakfast is served till noon so no nuggies for me. Sigh~)
I finished my brunch earlier than the rest and could not be bothered to sit around and chill. Hee, got into my Sammy little hunting mode and was scouting for squirrels.
Unfortunately, there wasn’t ANY!!! (At least none I could see)
Anyway, we set off for a nice bike ride around West Coast park before my parents let me stretch my little limbs at the dog run.
Another exhausting but fun afternoon.
I hug weekends.

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