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Because I love you…

and you promised to buy me treats when you get your pay soon.. 
Oh, plus you are paying for my next grooming session..
 Huh.. not happy enough?
Okay, take 2.
Anyway, HAPPY nth 21st BIRTHDAY!!!


  1. Hello Sam, saw you on PBU and thought you were very cute so we would have to come and visit you!! I have never seen such a shaggy JRT, we have rough coats here but they don't have as much hair as you. It is very cute 🙂


  2. Great blog Sam. I saw you on PBU. Your a funny little JRT and just my kind to hang around with! Even though me and my brother and humans live in the UK in Tyne and Wear! I'm a Westie called Charlie Boy and my brother is a Cocker Spaniel called Roman. I love my human and it isn't often that I post on the blog – my human prefers to do it! But I am now following your bog. Please do follow mine! 🙂 : http://mydogdiaries1.blogspot.co.uk/Charlie Boy,Roman and my human Jessica xxxx


  3. Hi the Sam…we saw your post over on pet blogs united and thought we would call on by and say hello. You sure are a cutie..no wonder your mom adores you. We have other bloggie friends in ny too…hopefully you will get to meet them too.Reilly and Denny


  4. You look so much like me! The second done was done with way much love! I saw you on PBU and your blog looks great. I'm a Parson Russell/Papillon cross, who is 7 months old. My name is Dina and I love to destroy stuff!


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