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My new old bowls…

Mummy is a sucker for Flea Markets and would buy tons of trash cool things from there. She recently discovered the Public Garden Flea Market and happily dragged Godmummy along for a little shopping spree. Sadly, unlike the fleas in NYC, this clearly isn’t dog friendly. Hence I’ve to trust mummy to buy things on my behalf.
She came back with a bagful of really weird things – a terrarium, one melted and disgusting mango sago tart (even I didn’t want a bite) and two cute bowls for me (that I totally approve!).
Aren’t they cool?
The two bowls were retro new and reminded mummy of her childhood! Plus, she thought that the two bowls would photograph the future goodies she’s gonna make for me well.
She decided to get me used to the bowl by putting some treats in it. However, I was a little uncertain as the metal bowl was making some clinking sounds when it hit against the tiles when I touch it (the bottom of the bowl isn’t completely flat).
I finally got used to it, after a lot of coaxing.
Once again, I approve!
Not too bad a purchase afterall!

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