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My disrupted swim..

I was happily rescuing my monkey one lovely sunday…
when a golden retriever came along and stole my job and my monkey!
I decided to be nice and tried to talk the goldie into returning me the drowning monkey.
But goldie simply ignored me and walked away!
Say what~~~
Despite my relentless ways, my effort was futile and the goldie monopolized the monkey for the rest of the swim…
I only managed to get it back when it was time for goldie to go home.
Didn’t realise it was that easy to lose my job… 
What an annoying day. 
While at least between me and mummy, one of us had some fun – some fun laughing at the whole situation. 
Terrible mummy.


  1. I know. That is sooooo annoying when older dogs do that! It happened to me today as well and Mom just laughed!


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