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Sam’s Day Out!

Since both my parents started working and are worried that they might have neglected me, they decided to dedicate one weekend day to be “Sam’s Day Out!”. It is a day where activities are centered around little Sammy Loo (ME!!). It normally kicks off with a Sam-welcomed hunt for a yummy lunch (well, my parents ain’t huge foodies, but they surely can’t do without food!), before ending the day with a slam doing things I adore (e.g. swimming or running around). 
Awesome isn’t it?
This week’s Sam-welcomed hunt is… L’etoile Cafe – a quaint little cafe hidden in a quiet estate along Owen Road. The nearest carpark was about three minutes away so we took a quick stroll over. Of course, I was head over heels excited to be in a brand new neighborhood!
L’etoile is a japanese inspired cafe with a french twist. Mummy was in love with the simple modern decor and the little pop-up booth selling local handmade craft pieces. The ambience of the cafe makes it a great place for a quiet read and a nice cup of coffee. 
Dog-friendly seats? 
Due to the heat, most Singaporeans would rather sit in the comforts of the AC (I would too if I could..-_-). As a result, there isn’t much competition vying for the outdoor seats! Well, at least not during brunch! In fact, we almost had the whole outdoor area to ourselves.
Ho ho ho…
Me settling down and getting comfortable.
We really loved the handwritten menu as it felt really personal. The food selection was quite extensive and my parents quickly made their choices – Big Breakfast (for daddy), Carbonara (Mummy) and two glasses of home-brewed lemon tea. They also ordered chicken wings with little Sammy in mind, but sadly it was sold out! (WHAT?!) 
While my parents ate, I was given shit food my breakfast.
Like seriously?!
Wasn’t the day supposed to be about me? 
Obviously I wasn’t too happy about that and decided to put on my begging face.
Guess what, I won (duh~ as usual) and I had a nice fat piece of BACON! Yum yum.
Sam – 127321736174128461 vs Mummy – 0
ho ho ho.. Life IS good.
Mummy even brought her polaroid camera to take some shots of me!
I was certainly a happy camper, waiting for bites of bacon to fall off the sky and to be able to spend a nice saturday afternoon with my favourite people in the world!
This is truly a dog’s life!
The day ended off with a trip to K9 Kulture for a good swim. Since I’ve posted way too many photos of that, to save you from the boring repeats, there won’t be any photos of me swimming or dogs stealing my monkey. Okay, fine..The truth was.. stupid mummy forgot to charge the battery and it died before my swim even commenced. 
Ya, dumb mummy…
Nonetheless, Kudos to mummy for picking yet another Sam-welcomed place! More to come!
 Mummy’s note: The food was fair but we were happy nonetheless as the serving was good and we were full by the end of the meal. Besides, I will NEVER complain whenever I am served Carbonara with onions. LOVE! =D The starters menu was a little lacking and since chicken wings were sold out, we replaced it with the Soup of the Day – Mushroom soup, which a little diluted. (No photos, sorry!) The bill came up to about SGD60 for the three of us. (Sam ate just a small piece of bacon..) Typical for a cafe price I guess…That being said, I’m pretty sure we will be back again! 


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