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Made with Love – Home Made Dog Biscuits!!

Under my special request, mummy finally made me some home made dog biscuits! 
She used a Gourmet Dog treat Maker from Sunbeam she bought from Petsmart in NYC.
The dog treat maker looks just like a wafer maker, except that the casing is the shape of dog biscuits!
After a quick discussion with me, mummy and I decided to bake – Peanut Butter Dog Treats.
The ingredients used were really simple and easy – Peanut butter, wheat flour, baking powder, eggs and water. 
The batter was made by simply whisking all the ingredients together, with the help of mummy’s beloved Kitchen Aid Mixer.
Once thoroughly mixed together, mummy poured the batter into the tray and closed the maker tightly. After a good 15 minutes of waiting, a batch of four biscuits were ready!
Unlike the store bought biscuits which are dry and hard, the home made dog biscuits were more like cakes and were soft and moist. (Which I kinda prefer actually)
I couldn’t wait to start eating! Unfortunately for me, mummy insisted on the usual tradition of getting me to pose with the end products.
“Are you done mummy??”
The recipe stated that the batter was for 16 biscuits but the final yield was a whooping 24 biscuits!
The more the merrier.
As the biscuits turned out to be more moist than mummy expected, she decided to store just four in Sammy’s little mason treat jar and froze the rest (to prolong the shelf life of the biscuits).
 What else can I say?
Mummy is da best!

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