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My Annual Health CheckUp!

Under the recommendation of my groomer, Happy Pets Grooming, Mummy brought me to my new vet, My Family Vet, located at Bukit Batok Avenue 4 (A really short walk from Grandmummy’s place!)
And guess what, Mummy and I are both in love with Dr. Vanessa Lin!
She’s really friendly, personal and extremely patient with the endless questions Mummy bombarded her with. With me, she was really gentle and sweet. (But again, it’s hard not to be when you see a cute face like me. Ho ho ho.)
The main purpose of the visit was for my annual heartworm test. 
No surprises, I am heartworm Free!
I was allowed to take home my heartworm kit as a souvenir! (Mummy was quite fascinated by it and couldn’t wait to show Daddy while I couldn’t care less…)
One Line = Heartworm Negative!

After a good checkup, a blood test, tons of vaccination, we were good to go!
Mummy was really proud of me for not whining nor crying when Dr. Lin examined me! Hee, of course I was greatly rewarded for my good behavior with yummy hypoallergenic treats. 
I was given my very own health booklet to keep note of my vaccinations too!
Pretty cool, ey?

Oh! oh! Did I mention that I had a cute little bandage after my blood test? I looked so poor thing that everyone at home (Mummy, Auntie Rowena, Godmummy and Uncle KW) felt so bad for me. As a result, I was given so much love and treats just to make me feel better!
*Wriggly dance*

 Needless to say, I wasn’t very happy when mummy decided to take it off. 
Oh well…
Overall, we were really happy with our experience as Dr. Lin was so knowledgeable, warm and approachable. 
In addition, her rates are really affordable and she even does house calls!

Guess our vet is chosen! 

Fingers crossed and I’m looking forward to my next annual checkup!

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