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West Coast Park Dog Run…

As a New Yorker, I was a frequent dog run goer. When we moved back, mummy was pretty keen to check out the dog run scene in Singapore. After some research, she found several dog runs and on a lovely weekday afternoon, we set out to explore the one nearest to us – the West Coast Park Dog Run,
Hee, it was a nice little a family outing. Daddy’s two lovely nieces (which are also my human cousins), Grandmummy and Mummy tagged along.
Just for me.
While the dog run is opened to public, there are certain regulations to abide to. As I am just a harmless Jack Russell Terror, none of the breed restrictions applied to me and I was good to use the dog run. 

The dog run is crazy big! And unlike, the cement/gravel/asphalt texture commonly found in dog runs in NYC, it is GRASS!! REAL soft GRASS.
*Wriggley dance*
Unfortunately for my poor parents, (But extremely awesome for me) the grass was very muddy! No thanks to the thunderstorm the night before… well, I sure wasn’t complaining. Ho ho ho.
Just running in mud and rolling around in it was plain heavenly. I was certainly grinning from ear to ear. (At the corner of my eye, I saw my parents cringed each time I dived into the grass patches.) 

*Life is beautiful~~*
I should have guessed what my parents had in store for me at the end of the play session – a quick hose down. 
There is a washing area in the dog run to allow owners to wash their really cute but extremely grossed and dirty dogs off. The struggle was that there wasn’t a hose and mummy had to hold me down under the tap while daddy kept pressing it down. Mummy was as soaked as I was by the end of the ‘shower’.
The overall experience was excellent and mummy brought me back once more. (Smart mummy arranged for a grooming session right after my play the second time round.)
As we have heard of horror stories of dogs being infected with ticks after coming to the park, mummy was really detailed in checking me after bringing me here. So I was all good! She also brought along some ice water to make sure that I was well hydrated.
We did come during ungodly hours (like 2pm on a mid weekday afternoon) which explained why I pretty much had the whole dog run to myself. (Wheeeee~) 
Other than that, it was just an awesome experience for me. Hee, keeping my fingers crossed that mummy would be bring me here more often!!

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