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Sam, the HDB dog!

It has been almost a month since I officially became a HDB flat dog. 
(*HDB flats are public housing in Singapore)
So far, so good.
While I really do miss our neighborhood in NYC, my current neighborhood doesn’t pale in comparison.  Hee, here’s a peek into my daily routine as an HDB dog.
It begins with a ‘I want to go out‘ face and staring out.
After gearing up, we have to take the lift down.
(OOTD: My ecofriendly Martingale Collar and a cool red retractable leash)
Introducing my neighborhood!
 Presenting my block!
I will proceed to do my ‘deeds’ and a couple of meet and greet.  

Unfortunately, there aren’t many dogs around and I would meet an average of just three to four dogs a week. (Sad huh…)
Despite that, there are ample trees and grassy areas for me to sniff and mark. Guess that more than makes up for the lack of butts to sniff.
After all official business matters are settled, mummy and I would proceed to sit down, relax and people watch. And of course, fool around a little. =P
I am normally exhausted by the end of our daily routine and would start yawning (Which is pretty much the cue for mummy to bring me home).
Nothing beats some ice cold water to quench my thirst once we get home. 
After which, I would lay down and drift to lalaland~ zzzz…
This routine repeats itself another three times a day (varying in duration) and that pretty summarizes my daily life. 
(Special events like a swim or a dog park visit occurs about once a week too.)
Not bad for a HDB dog huh?

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