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Made with Love… 3rd Serving!

Mummy made chicken jerky today (again)!
Practice really makes perfect. This is officially the best batch of them all! Using the jerky gun provided, the slices of jerky ended up being the right length and thickness. Not only were the texture and the color of the jerky excellent, they had the perfect chewiness and crunch too. 
(Don’t say I never share…
The magic ingredients are…Minced chicken with parsley and garlic powder.)

Hee, can you tell which are handmade?
Presenting the Alessi Jars – perfect air tight dog treat jars that keep treats nice and fresh!
  A Super duper excited me…
 Led to a really happy me!
Hee, okay, I know it’s getting slightly boring, but this is definitely the last serving of jerky! The next made with love entry will certainly be something more interesting. 
(Maybe a dog cookie? *Hint hint mummy)

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