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Sam’s Toy review – Grreat Choice Leopard Print Ball

I’m happy and excited because… 
of my new toy. 
Peek-a-boo.. Here it is!

Wondering what it is? 
Hee. It’s actually a cat teaser! Mummy got the Grreat Choice Leopard Print Ball cat teaser from Petsmart on a recent road trip and it’s the most awesome thing EVER.
Mummy would use the toy to tease me (yes, I am a cat, remember?) and I would do everything I can to hunt it down. As I would jump non-stop just to get my jaws paws on it, mummy figured that the best place to play the game, is on the bed as the mattress would cushion the impact on my knees.
That toy is like a prey that I want so bad (well, Jack Russells are hunting dogs) but it just keeps slipping out of my grip. 
A patient hunter waits…

and pounces at the right moment…

Ta-dah~ got it!

time for a perfect landing~

As the toy was originally made for cats, it’s really fragile. So the instance I get my jaws on it, mummy would grab it out of my mouth. 
And then the taunting begins all over again.

I’ve to say that mummy’s pretty impressive. She took all these photos single handedly (literally) while she used her free hand to taunt me with the toy.
Here’s some awesome jump shots she captured.

Awesome toy makes an awesome dog happy. 
And guess what, I get a yummy treat after all my hard work!!  
Sam’s Review:
Though the cat teaser isn’t exactly made for dogs, it’s beyond awesome. The interactive-ness of the toy allows mummy to taunt play with me effortlessly while exhausting me out. She just stands at one side of the bed flicking the toy and I would chase the toy around. The fact that it’s a ball makes it even more challenging to grab. Unfortunately, the tail of the toy had been pulled off by yours truly. (*Proud grinz*) But nonetheless, the toy is really fun and engaging. Certainly a great workout for me. If only it was made for dogs… 
Hence it deserves… 4.5 / 5 sams!

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