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Mummy and Daddy were chit chatting with Uncle Nick and Auntie Rachel over dinner one day and they were discussing about weird interesting names of people they met over the years.
Daddy mentioned that there were people with english names like Carat, Circle, Control.. (like seriously?! I wouldn’t even name a dog that). This was when Auntie Rachel mentioned that she once met a Hong Kong counterpart called ABCD (pronounced as Ab-cee-dee). Everyone was super fascinated and couldn’t stop laughing..
I was also ROFL-ing when mummy had a *ta-da* moment and insisted that ABCD would have been an awesome name for me. (Say what~~~~~~) Her rationale… ABCD = American Born Chinese Dog, which is pretty much me. She really wanted to change my name to that. (I am NOT kidding.) Luckily Daddy is sane enough to say no. 
I’m also uber thankful Daddy named me Sam before mummy got wind of the name. (PHEW~) Can you imagine people checking out my name tags the first time we meet? I could totally picture the eye rollings and people attempting to call me ABCD (as in ABCDEFG…) Not to mention that ABCD (ab-cee-dee) is a ladies’ name. 
Despite that, sneaky mummy had been using treats to lure me to respond to the name ABCD. And it sucks that I actually fell for it several times. 
Do I look like an ABCD?

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