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Fiesta Island, San Diego

If there is a doggy heaven, I’m pretty sure this is how it looks/feels like. 
Yes, this is the BEST place on earth. This is Fiesta Island, San Diego, where dogs run free, unleashed. This lovely peninsular island is just beyond amazing. Not only is there plenty of land for me to roam, the water is calm and there’s no nasty waves that might scare the hell out of me. Period. 
There’s a specific fenced in ‘dog park’ for dogs that ain’t as good off leash (aka me). However, the area isn’t fully enclosed and there are openings at each end of the beach. My off-leash track record have been pretty horrid, thus explaining the long tail (leash) that I was tagging along. But nothing is gonna stop me when I’m having fun!
The place is crazy huge. After an hour of fun, splash and hike, we barely even covered one tenth of the fenced in dog park.
Look how huge the fenced in dog park is!
Did I mention that there were plenty of yummy dead mice lying around? (LOL, this is probably a plus for me and not for my parents, but who cares.)

There were a handful of dogs and their owners wandering around. The dogs were amazing, well socialized and friendly, totally up my alley. Besides wrestling with some of the dogs there, I got to play fetch! The game of fetch is actually one of the few ways of grabbing my attention. Once my focus is on the ball, I would stick to where ever the ball is and not run far and away. 
Watch me chase the ball!

In Sam’s world, fetch does not equate to bringing the ball back to the thrower. Fetch means I get the ball and finder’s keepers. Everytime I grabbed the ball, I would run into water and wet my little paws. Poor Daddy had to chase after me, before stepping on my ‘tail’ (the tagging leash) and snatching the ball out of my little jaws! And the process repeats itself. (I get an extra kick when daddy starts cussing me for making him go through all the hassle. wheee~)

What can I say? This is really the best place on earth.
(I’m sorry Central Park, you have lost your placing.) 

Yap, I’m one happy and tired little man!

Shhhh.. sounds like there is talks in the works that we might swing by Fiesta Island again before we leave San Diego. 

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