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Dog-Mazing San Diego..

San Diego is amazing beyond words. It’s uber dog friendly and I’m loving every moment of being here. In fact, once I get back to NYC, I’m gonna pack my little bag and move over here for good. (Okay, mummy is glaring at me now. Guess it’s not gonna happen. Boo.)
Anyway, my parents decided to do some window shopping and managed to find a dog friendly mall, Otay Ranch Town Center. And boy were we in a pleasant surprise when we got there! There’s actually a dog park within the shopping area! Yipeee~
The whole area is also dog friendly (I was allowed in most stores) and there were several dogipot pet stations located around the mall.

We were even more surprised when we found the dog park. It’s BIG and GRASSY! (*does a little wriggly dance*)
The wall art is actually little paw paint prints of dogs that frequent the park! Too clever.
The big dog area is nice and big.  Unfortunately, the small dog area is a little pathetic, but thankfully the dogs were well socialized and fun, so lucky me got to run wild with the big guys.

There’s a cute little kennel for me to pee on walk through.

And a GIANT fire hydrant! Gosh, that’s every dog’s dream! I want one of that in my dream home! Mummy please~

Before we left, we checked out the small dog area and played a game a fetch again.

While the weather was just amazing, it did get a tad bit warm for me after all the exercise. Guess dogs do need some shade too. Plus a little time out to recharge my battery.

Recharged and happy. If only someone will toss the ball for me. 
The doggy water fountain is really thoughtful too. At least this keeps the water fresh. 
Sigh, what an awesome place. 

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