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It’s Hollywood~

I’m at Hollywood BABY! 
Since I haven’t had my breakout role in hollywood yet, thus do not qualify having my name down on the walk of fame, the best I could do was to take photos with stars that share my name.
We found Sammy Kaye. (I’ve NO idea who he is..)
And Forest Whitaker. (I actually recognize this actor!)

My parents got tired and couldn’t be bothered to look for “Loo” or “Lim”, but again, I doubt that they would be able to find any. 
Last but not least, I had my own taste of the red carpet. (Where are my fans though?)
Sigh, leaving Hollywood was bittersweet. Where’s the agent that’s supposed to spot me and make me the next superstar (to replace Uggie?!)? I’m disappointed.
Sucks to have to leave empty-handed. 
Better luck next time!

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