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Spring time..

Spring is my favorite season. While I’m a huge fan of the snow, the wicked cold is sometimes a little too unbearable. And mummy putting on a fleece jacket on me just makes it even worse. 
Anyway, with Spring comes nice long walks to Central Park, possibly my favorite place on earth. Tons of green, squirrels and people who adore me. 
What more could I ask for?
Here’s one Sammy’s little best-kept secret: Mummy and I found a nice little spot in Central Park called the Ramble. It’s pretty much a wild garden and gives a sense of hiking in the woods. While dogs are not allowed off leash in that particular area, it doesn’t affect me a bit, since I’m horrid off leash anyway (yeah yeah, off I go) and mummy uses a retractable leash that gives me 5ft tons of freedom. The best part of the ramble is this little stream of water that runs through it. I love getting my little paws muddy wet there (certainly cools me down when it gets a tad bit warm).
A very happy me in the stream.
I swear I saw a squirrel run by! 
A happy dog on a lovely spring day!

Check out my wet little paws!
Unfortunately for me, the not so far part always come when we get home – a bath for the dirty little dog. =(
Certainly one of the best place on earth. If this isn’t heaven, I don’t know what is!

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