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Sam’s (dog) family history

It has been two years (and 3 days) since I entered my (human) mummy & daddy’s life, and I’m loving every moment of it. I know mummy is too, but I can’t really say the same for daddy. Anyway, here’s a little  background information about my dog family (kinda of a updated version of my fact #1)

(FYI: Mummy got me from a breeder, MeadowBrook Terriers. That also explains the source of these beautiful photos!)
Introducing my dog mummy – Fionnula. I think I’m a splitting image of her. 
This is my dashing dog daddy – Guiness. While I don’t think we look alike, I think I did inherit his suaveness. 
Here’s me when I was just 4 weeks old.
 A close-up.
Me at 6 weeks. 
Me at 8 weeks.
(Remember? This was the photo that sealed the deal, and my fate.)
And, here I am today! Maybe not as cute, but certainly a handsome little dude. 
It has been a good two years since I became a Lim member. There’s been ups and downs – days where I drive mummy nuts, days where I make mummy happy, days where I fell sick, days where I got abandoned and days where we reunite (with tons of treats for bribery of course). 
I know mummy isn’t a fan of my endless shedding, my insane energy spurs, my rebellious streaks but I also know that she wouldn’t trade me for the world. And guess what, I wouldn’t either, well… unless it’s some hot supermodel who’s freaking rich. Nay, just kidding.
Happy two anniversary to us!
Looking forward to the Many more anniversaries to come!

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