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Sam, the chair model-er.

I am a chair model-er in training. Rather, I’m mummy’s personalized chair (dog) model-er. As some of you might know, mummy has a unhealthy  , crazy, erm, decent obsession with chairs and have been on a chair shopping spree recently (Yesh, daddy isn’t exactly too happy, but as usual, too bad for him). To document her purchases, she has requested that I model for her. 
Hence, here are the end products. 
Me on a Herman miller 1970’s upholstered chair that mummy bought from our photographer (more information on that in a month or so).
 Me on Mummy’s handmade ottoman.
 Me on a vintage 1960s – 1970s wooden desk chair that Mummy bought on etsy.
 Me on yet another herman miller 1970s upholstered chair mummy bought from a consignment store in Ohio. 
I guess I am a natural talent. Hee, maybe this could really be a career for me. Hm, something for me to ponder about I guess..

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